putting thoughts into words regarding the entangled state of mind which is my existence

Existentialism and Careers

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When we think of who we are, we are thinking about a consciousness loosely floating on top of the reality we have created from external stimuli. This consciousness is what we think of when we identify ourselves. We are the construction and organization of all of these external stimuli through the lens of our genetically channeled interpretation. This gives us a new way of interpreting the meaning of “life” itself.

First of all, we must find out as much as we can from all of these stimuli. This will allow us to make better judgements. In terms of careers, this is being done by empirical scientists.

Next, we should accept that the mind is not part of this physical world and can not be treated as such. It doesn’t exist in a particular location. It is a complex reaction of chemicals guided by hormones. We are that reaction. Our mind doesn’t exist in…

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Author: theendlessknot3d

I'm Mark. I recently graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in philosophy, and I started this blog to continue engaging myself and my mind through my passion for written argumentation. I have also used this as an opportunity to explore my other creative outlets, such as writing French poems or photography. In this blog you will find a wide range of written material, including philosophy articles, musings, paradoxes, poems, photos and more. You'll find that I usually write about serious themes, such as everyday life struggles, in a way in which I always try to keep my posts upbeat and interesting. With anything that I write, I encourage you to make your own criticisms, insights, recommendations or anything else which you feel would help me improve my content.

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